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How Can I Get My Website to Show Up In Google?

seo_rankingsIt’s no secret that Google has dominated the search engine market. If your website is not showing in the first 3 spots you will need to improve your websites index rankings. Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short, can be a huge and expensive undertaking. Companies can end up spending thousands trying to rank for competitive search terms.

get_my_website_to_show_in_search_resultsSearch engines use highly complex and secretive algorithms to determine hundreds of key factors that will give your site it’s placement. Google is forever changing these algorithms in small ways everyday and sometimes in larger scale updates. This is why it is important to not rely on one specific strategy when developing and optimizing your site. There are however a few key rules that are fairly solid. One of these and probably the most important key in the eyes of Google is relevancy. The more relevant your website is to a particular “Keyword” the more likely it will show up higher in the rankings. Keywords are simple words or phrases that a user types into Google to search for a product or service. Targeting these keywords will help improve your ranking and ensure the likelihood that your website can even be found.

Put Simply… If Your Not Relevant, You’re Not Going To Rank!

alert_iconDon’t be fooled into thinking you can shortcut the search results system. There are what is known as “white hat” and “black hat” techniques programmers can use to accomplish high rankings. What some people may not know is that Google has teams of people that personally visit websites and if your site has been flagged for using black hat techniques your website and domain can be permanently suspended and removed from Google’s search engine completely.

Vivid design offers complete website packages that include everything you need to help your business website not only rank higher in the search results, but beat your competition as well. As part of our optimizing strategy we research and analyze your target market, potential keywords and your competition. Knowing this we can develop an effective SEO strategy both for on-page and off-page programming.

Action Taking Steps

Here are 4 simple action steps you can take to help your website show up better in the search results:

    1.) Create valuable, useful, unique and relevant content for your target audience.
    2.) Remember not to market to the entire world so narrow down your niche topic.
    3.) Keep targeted keywords down to a max of 3 using natural language in your copy. (Over stuffing your content with an abnormal use of keywords can count against you).
    4.) Search engines can’t see podcast, audio files or videos so include good descriptive copy or transcript.

Get in touch with us to find out how we can help you get the WOW factor for your business. Start a Facebook Messenger chat or fill out our quote request form to discuss your project.

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