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Online Marketing with Facebook Ads

fb-findusonfacebook-online-1024Creating a successful advertising campaign starts with the understanding of some marketing fundamentals. The terms and concepts outlined here will help you to define your target audience, increase sales and save you money!

Let’s start with a brief look at how a Facebook ad campaign works.

Choosing a Marketing Objective

When creating a Facebook ad you will need to start with choosing a marketing objective. Sending people to your website is probably the most valuable thing you can do for your marketing. However, Facebook is biased and wants it’s users to stay on Facebook so clicks tend to be cheaper for other marketing objectives.

Facebook Marketing Objectives

Setting up a Campaign Structure

Facebook Ad Campaign StructureAfter selecting a marketing objective you will create ads setup in a campaign structure.

Ads are all about dialing in what is working and what is not. Creating several ad sets within a campaign will allow you to test different images, videos, ad copy and other minor differences between the ads. The campaign structure is setup in a way that will help you stay organized and create multiple ad sets for testing.

Test, test, test… the slightest difference in ad copy or image can turn a dud into a winner!

The guide here is to stay relevant, have an enticing value proposition, a clear call-to-action, be visually appealing and attention grabbing.

You may want to overview Facebook’s Advertising Policies to ensure your ad won’t be rejected.

Selecting a Target Audience

Facebook Ads Audience DefinitionAnother important factor in creating your Facebook ad campaign is defining your target audience. This is where Facebook is a really powerful tool for advertisers.

Facebook knows a lot about it’s users demographics, their likes and interests. This gives advertisers a way to target a very specific group of people.

If not done correctly this is where you will waste money showing your ad to people that are not buyers.

Defining your target audience ensures that your ads are shown to only who you think is most likely to buy from you. This is the most important area to focus your time in researching who your buyers are.

Facebook Ads Detailed TargetingFacebook now allows you to narrow down your target audience with Demographics, Behaviors and Interests within the Detailed Targeting settings. The best way to visualize this is to imagine panning for gold. You start with a pan of dirt and sand (a large group of similar people) and begin to pan away the worthless dirt and rocks until you find your gold nuggets (your buyers).